Online Pokies – The History

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About the “pokies”

Term “pokies” originates from an Australian term for slot based machines that represents gaming machines of various types. Nowadays, pokies are found not only on Australian continent, but in casinos all around the globe. You can come across a whole specter of different pokies platforms, but the most popular ones are 3 – 5 reel slots and multiline slots, all of which give players a chance for bonus games, free spins and a variety of different gambling features.

Playing pokies…

break_da_bank_again…is actually very simple. It starts with player inserting money into the machine, in the form of coins or notes, and after that step, it’s all about hitting desired combinations of buttons below the screen. You always have equal chances for winning; therefore, there are no secret tricks and combinations that will increase them in any way. One of the most common button layouts consists of two rows of buttons, top and bottom and while not all of the buttons might be arranged the same on different machines, they are all very similar.

04_video_slotIn the top row, first button is marked “collect” and it is basically a word for payout. Once pressed, machine will eject your money in coins, or display a call attendant message, after which a gaming employee will pay the win. The next five buttons show the number of credits bet per line that remain active until you change the amount. Four of those buttons can also have a role in gambling feature.First button of the bottom row has two features. “Take Win” and “Reserve” feature. First feature allows you to take a win from the gambling feature or to display the final win total, while the “Reserve” feature, reserves the machine for a total of three minutes and it is available only in pubs and clubs. The next five lines indicate the amount of lines per spin. Once any of the five buttons are pressed, they will start the reels spinning because there is no specific spin button on pokies. Some of them also have special gambling features. Last two buttons in the line are “Gamble” and “Start Feature” button. “Gambling” button takes you to the double up bonus gambling feature after the winning spin. “Start feature” button is available only when the bonus is won, to start the game.


Playing online

Online pokies gives you an opportunity to play from your own computer or portable devices. Online pokies sites offer many ways to get started and deal with doubts about the game. From guides, tutorials and frequently asked questions, to strategies, tactics and tips from administrators or users.Online pokies presents itself in many different forms and has all kinds of button sets from one game to another that differ from an offline pokies games.

Buttons that can be found online include:

Credit size” button that changes the credit size from one amount to another; “Credits per line” that add and subtract credits per lines; “Spin” button to start the game with current bet level and credit size; “Max Bet’’ that will take maximum amount of credits and spin.This is the basic intro into pokies that will make you understand the concept of these games.

Before you venture into the pokies gaming world, you have to understand that both online and offline casinos have different sets of “house” rules, which makes a big difference in playing the game itself. Make sure you’ve understood everything clear before putting any of your money out there. Good luck!